• Straight

    Whether Neat, with Ice or with a few drops of water, Blaze's sweet appley flavours are best exemplified when its served on its own!

    Don't enjoy straight spirits? Try mixed or in a cocktail!

  • Mixed

    Many don't realise the amazing options and drinks you get when mixing whisky!

    Whether with cola, ginger ale, lemonade or even iron bru, Blaze is there for you!

  • Cocktails

    Where to begin? The world of whisky cocktails is near endless! Whether you enjoy an old fashioned, a penicillin or a venom, blaze is the perfect base whisky!

A Brand With Community

Blaze is built around a foundation of community and connection with our customers. With over 13.5k TikTok followers we have made our community our #1 priority.

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